AssistLift covers facilitate one person opening of a D400 to F900 load rated ductile iron cover either as an individual cover or as part of a multi cover arrangement.

The modular nature of the Gatic system of removable covers is designed to provide sealed, uninterrupted access to the services below whether as a single cover, duct or multispan arrangement with removable support beams. A removable system for virtually any size of pit configuration and loading can be developed.

Gatic covers are designed to protect and give access to a diverse range of underground services. Examples include, manhole/pump/valve/transformer chambers, pipe and cable service trenches, cable draw pits, lighting, fuel and fire hydrant pits, machinery/plant access chambers, tunnel shaft access chambers, combined sewer/overflow chambers and storm tie down pits.

Cover types: Covers are available either recessed for concrete infill at site or with solid ductile iron tops.

Concrete infil recessed covers: Recessed covers are designed for infilling at site. Concrete should be as specified in BS EN 124:1994 - 45/mm2 for a test cube 150mm or 40N/mm2 for a test cylinder 150mm dia x 300mm high, using 10mm coarse aggregate

Anti-slip surface: Concrete infill covers provide a non-slip surface similar to the surrounding areas, solid top covers incorporate a raised lozenge pattern on the surface.

Materials: The components of Gatic covers are manufactured from the following materials: Ductile iron to BS EN1563:2011 Structural steel sections (removable support beams) to BS4-1:2005. M-Struts and hinges in stainless steel grade 304.

Fine tolerances: The seating faces of Gatic covers and frames are machined finished and assembled in metal to metal contact within a tolerance of 0.25mm.

Non-rocking: Correctly installed, Gatic covers will be non-rocking under traffic and sealed against road dirt and other detritus.

Watertight: A film of graphite grease between the machined contact faces of Gatic covers and frames provides a gas and airtight seal and a watertight joint under normal rainwater conditions.

Removal/Replacement slide-out covers: The machined seating faces facilitate the sliding out of covers for removal and replacement. Lifting keys are available on request for use with cranes and other mechanical devices.

Secure and vandal resistant: Covers are designed to prevent tampering and unauthorised removal without the use of the specially designed Gatic lifting keys. Locking bolts can be fitted to Gatic cover keyways as an additional security feature. Gatic Type SSA covers incorporate a slam latch mechanism complete with a retained locking bolt. Gatic Types RGA and SGA incorporate two locking bolts as standard.

Closed keyways: Gatic cover keyways are closed and supplied with plastic plugs to prevent them from blocking with detritus.

AssistLift cover pop open / hard close: All Gatic AssistLift covers can be set at any time as follows: Pop open – The AssistLift cover can be set to automatically partially open from the closed position after unlocking. Hard close – The AssistLift cover will require manual assistance to lift the cover from the closed position.

Safe Lifting – AssistLift covers: Gatic AssistLift covers have been designed to be lifted and closed by a single operator. The maximum lifting and closing force will be approximately 25kg depending on the size, typeand lifting characteristic that has been chosen.

M-Struts®: M-Struts® are designed for demanding environments and provide a maintenance free alternative to conventional gas struts. M-Struts® are made of grade 304 stainless steel. Unlike gas and pneumatic models, M-Struts® have no internal gases to leak or seals to fail in extreme conditions.

Hinges: Gatic AssistLift covers are supplied with flush-fitting hinges as standard but can be supplied with barrel hinges upon request.

Loadings: All Gatic covers within this brochure will withstand the test load, deflection and maximum deformation criteria specified in BS EN124 for load category F900.

Vibration resistant: To prevent the movement of covers in high density traffic conditions we recommend the use of a factory fitted vibration resistant locking system which can be fitted in recessed covers only. Gatic do not recommend the use of either solid top or assist lift covers in high density traffic conditions.

Beam wallbox: Supporting beams in Gatic multispan units can be easily removed with the appropriate lifting equipment to give uninterrupted access to the total chamber area. The beam wallboxes do not project into the chamber opening.

Finishes: Covers and frames are coated with black bituminous solution which forms a temporary protection during transit. Removable support beams are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009. When installed in extreme environments, the covers and frames can also be galvanised, when specified.

Levelling bolts: All side frame bars and wallboxes are fitted with bolts to assist in the levelling of the unit during installation.

Safety grids: Hinged, lift out, galvanised steel safety grids with a padlock facility can be incorporated into Gatic units upon request.

Environmental commitment: To meet this requirement, we use an integrated Quality (BS EN ISO 9001: 2008) and Environmental (BS EN ISO 14001:2004) Management System, which encompasses the design, manufacture and management systems within the company and ensures continuous environmental improvements in the manufacture and design of all of our products.

Installation: Detailed instructions are supplied with each delivery and available upon request.

Gatic services: Gatic offer a full technical support service to designers and contractors, including AutoCAD compatible details of all Gatic products. In view of our commitment to ongoing product improvement, we reserve the right to alter designs without notice. Design changes will not adversely affect the load bearing capability or performance of our products.