Gatic sets the standard for access covers and frames, offering a combination of matchless quality with tried and tested solutions. The secret lies in the closely machined horizontal and vertical seating faces of the cover and frame components, which, when assembled into a complete unit, provide a cover and frame that is sealed against dirt and water, and remains completely stable without rocking under traffic loads.

Gatic covers are designed both to protect and give easy access to a diverse range of underground services, examples include:

  • Manhole/Pump/Valve/Transformer Chambers
  • Pipe and Cable service Trenches
  • Cable Draw Pits
  • Lighting Pits
  • Fuel and Fire Hydrant Pits
  • Machinery/Plant Access Chambers
  • Combined Sewer/Overflow Chambers

Typical applications can be found in a diverse range of projects including:

  • Airports
  • Ports/Docks
  • Utilities - Gas/Electricity
  • Water - Sewerage Treatment Works / Water Treatment Works/Pumping Stations
  • Power Stations/Sub-Stations
  • Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Highways
  • Tunnels